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TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexite, the pioneering data platform for real-time in-store intelligence and truly seamless retail shopping, announced today that it has received approval of 14 patents in categories across data privacy, connected retail/consumer, anti-theft/security, network management, energy harvesting, and ecosystem. These patents, which cover Nexite's tag, reader, and platform, present new offerings for consumers and meet data privacy mandates in the industry.

Nexite also has a number of additional patents in the pipeline that will enable new technology and products to be developed, as well as bring use cases to the retail market. Every patent filed by Nexite ladders back to the company's larger strategy, which focuses on innovations that reimagine the retail industry.

"This is an incredibly important achievement for Nexite," said Lior Shakedd, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Nexite. "The patents extend our consumer offering to ensure a safe, seamless shopping and post-purchase experience, as well as extend retail tech to offer more exceptional experiences for the consumer. Nexite is committed to delivering exceptional consumer experiences without compromising the retailers' and consumers' security, and these patents are hard proof of that."

Earlier this year, Nexite launched its Connected Merchandise Solution, which works with the company's first-of-its-kind, battery-free NanoBT (Bluetooth) tag that is attached to the retailer's merchandise and pulls customer journey and merchandise performance data. This data includes what customers are seeing, whether or not customers are engaging with a product, purchasing or abandoning merchandise, what is selling well together, the availability of a product, and what shelves or locations in the store grab the most attention.

When combined, these data deliver actionable insights to ensure the right product, right place, and right quantity so that retailers can optimize the path to purchase in real time, protecting sales margins and turnover rates. Insights derived on the merchandise level can be applied across the retail chain to rapidly increase merchandise performance while in-store insights can be used to optimize and even localize stores. 

Nexite's approved patents represent Nexite's ongoing commitment to finding valuable solutions in an ever-evolving retail landscape. Three that stand out in particular are:

Patent # 11,288,940 allows retailers to use their existing security gates with Nexite tags, which eliminates the need for the existing tags that need to be removed at checkout. When a Nexite tagged merchandise gets near the EAS gates, the platform is triggered and if the item has been purchased and is cleared to leave the store, the gates won't sound. If the item is not cleared, the platform will alert staff. This allows retailers to use anti-theft measures without disrupting the shopping experience of customers.

Patent # 11,217,077 is for a reader integrated within the appliance that allows tagged items inside the appliance to be read and communicated with the platform. For example, in the washing machine use-case, the machine could automatically select the cycle based on what items are inside and notifies you when certain items should be removed.

Patent # 11,341,828 changes the ID of the merchandise tag so it varies from transmission to transmission, disabling third party tracking unless authorized on the platform.

The full list of approved patents is as follows:

11,398,144 Identification tag with variable response time
11,341,828 Wireless identification tag with varying identity
11,295,592 Identification tag configured for variable intervals between signal transmissions

11,288,940 Tag configured for interaction with security gate  
11,288,939 Wireless device for ambient energy harvesting
11,238,714 Privacy system for electronically tagged goods
11,217,077 Appliances with integrated communication tags
11,170,620 Wireless dual-mode identification tag
11,138,851 Capacitor architecture for wireless communication tag
11,107,336 Wireless device configured for powering transmissions with harvested energy

10,997,840 System for simultaneous tag triggering and sequential tag reading
10,991,220 Wireless dual-mode identification tag
10,930,128 System configured for spoofing avoidance
10,922,939 Information management system for tagged goods

About Nexite
Nexite's pioneering connected merchandise platform delivers invaluable, first-of-its-kind real-time in-store sales intelligence aligned to customer behavior for sales optimization. Leveraging world class engineering expertise, Nexite's platform comprises battery-free, long-range communication technology that provides a continuous stream of data, automatically and in real-time. Nexite maximizes merchandise performance to drive store revenues for all physical retail markets, and enables completely frictionless shopping including seamless checkout and returns. Please visit Nexite.io for more info.

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