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New Study: Despite Billions Spent, Project Homekey Providing No Way Home for State's Homeless

SACRAMENTO, Calif., July 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Contrary to claims that Project Homekey is successfully addressing California's homeless crisis, a new study released today by the nonpartisan Pacific Research Institute finds that the program is costly, inefficient, and not helping to reduce homelessness.

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"California has spent billions on Project Homekey, yet PRI's report shows that California's homeless problem is worse than ever," said Dr. Wayne Winegarden and Kerry Jackson, the study's co-authors. "Armed with this latest analysis, lawmakers should ask tough questions about why the state is continuing to throw billions at a program that isn't getting the job done." 

Backed with federal and state funding, Project Homekey aims to utilize unused motels and hotels to move people from the streets to housing.  While the Newsom administration claims Homekey has been "the fastest, largest, most-cost-effective addition of permanent housing in California history," PRI's research shows these claims are unfounded.

Homekey is based on the "Housing First" approach, which claims that a permanent, stable home best helps people overcome the challenges leading to homelessness.  Winegarden and Jackson note that Housing First is an incomplete approach, failing to resolve the social problems that cause many to become homeless, such as addiction and mental illness, and financial and regulatory issues ? including the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) ? that make housing so costly to build. 

"Rather than throwing billions more toward a failed program, policymakers should address the root causes of homelessness like addiction, mental illness and regulations driving up housing costs, while leveraging private charities to deliver services more efficiently," Winegarden and Jackson conclude.

Instead of throwing billions at the ineffective Project Homekey strategy, Winegarden and Jackson urge policymakers to:

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