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How to Keep Your House Clean When You Have Pets

Dr. Ruth "The Pet Vet" shares tips on how to deal with pet messes and keep your home clean

SAN DIEGO, June 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Spring may be over, but that doesn't mean you're done cleaning, especially if you have pets. Pets are cute but they can be messy. Whether it's endless shedding, litter tracked everywhere, or a trail of muddy pawprints, they seem to leave a mess wherever they go. Thankfully, having a pet doesn't have to be a never-ending chore. Dr. Ruth MacPete, aka Dr. Ruth "The Pet Vet", shares some ways to minimize the mess and keep your house neat and clean.

"Cleaning up after your pet doesn't have to be a hassle. With the right products, keeping your pet household clean can be easy," says Dr. Ruth "The Pet Vet.
Pet Hair

With the exception of a few breeds, like poodles, Sphynx cats, and hairless dogs, all dogs and cats shed, some more so than others. Although you can't stop your pet from shedding, you can get the upper hand with a game-changing tool like the new Dyson Balltm Animal 3 vacuum. The Dyson Balltm Animal 3 was specifically designed with pet parents in mind. It's engineered to drive deep into carpet fibers to capture dust, animal hair and ground-in dirt, and features advanced detangling brush bar technology to remove hair from the brush bar to maintain vacuum efficiency. It even includes a Pet Groom Tool, designed to remove your pet's loose hairs and pet dander. If you prefer a cordless machine, the new Dyson Outsize +tm has the capacity of an upright vacuum, plus the freedom of cordless versatility with a laser cleaner head that reveals all those pesky hairballs floating across your floor.


Litter can be messy and smelly! To make kitty clean-up easier, pick a low mess litter, like ökocat Less Mess Clumping Low-Tracking, Mini Pellets Wood Cat Litter. ökocat is all-natural, made from reclaimed wood, and contains no added synthetic chemicals, dyes or fragrances so it's a cleaner, healthier litter for your cat and you! The low tracking formula helps keep litter in the box where it belongs. For added mess protection, use a litter mat to trap those few loose litter pellets.

Dirty Paws

If you are tired of cleaning muddy pawprints, there are a couple of things you can do to keep you floors and furniture clean. You can use doggy booties whenever your dog goes outside, especially when it is wet or muddy. After all, you would never walk all over town in your bare feet and then hop into bed? Booties keep your dog's paws clean and can be removed at the door. Another option is to keep pet-safe wipes by the door. A quick wipe after outings will keep their paws and your home clean.


Anyone who has pets can attest that they are often messy roommates. Whether it's litter box accidents, hairballs, vomiting or potty issues, it is inevitable you will need to clean up after your pet sometime. Besides cleaning up the accident, it is important to use the right product. Choose a cleaning product that is safe to use around your pet and that is formulated to neutralize pet odors.

The fact is accidents are inevitable when you have pets. With Ruggable rugs, you don't have to stress if your pet has an accident on your beautiful new rug. Ruggable rugs are the first washable rugs. They are stain and water resistant and entirely machine washable, so you can just stick your rug in the wash and voila, it's like the accident never happened. Ruggables are available in different styles and sizes to fit your decorative tastes.

Cleaning Safety

Just a word of caution regarding cleaning and pets, you need to be careful with cleaning products around your pets. Always keep them stored safely away from pets and children and remember if you clean the floor or counter, make sure it's dry before you let your pets walk on it. Remember pets often lick their feet and can ingest any chemicals that get on their paws.

Let's face it accidents and messes happen, especially when you have pets! But the fact is pets are family and they make our lives so much better. With the right products, cleaning up after your dog or cat doesn't have to be a hassle, giving you more quality time to spend with your furry friend.

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