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HDVISION Enters Global Education Market With Its V-Board, Innovative Electronic Whiteboard Turning All Display Devices Into Touch Screen

V-Board from a Korean startup company HDVISION (CEO Tae-Kyeong Oh) became a hot topic, winning the Innovation Award at CES 2022, the world's most prestigious electronics expo, where top electronics companies compete with their products and technologies.

The V-Board is an IR (Infrared) interactive electronic blackboard developed by HDVISION, an electronic device development company.

It is an innovative product that turns any kind of display device into a touch screen that allows you to instantly click or draw with an electronic pen, simply by setting up a sensor camera in the desired location and then connecting it to a PC or mobile phone where software installment is available.

As no separate display device is needed and it needs only to be connected to an existing monitor, it is possible to build an educational support environment at a much lower cost compared to existing electronic boards. In addition, the sensor camera is as small as the palm of your hand and weighs as little as 43 grams, making it easy to carry.

When traveling extensively for sales presentations, or lectures, it would be impossible to pack up a heavy electronic blackboard. However, with the V-Board, only a smartphone and a cable will make you give an effective presentation at any time using this electronic blackboard.

Tae-Kyeong Oh, the CEO of HDVISION states, "With V-Board, you can instantly transform an existing TV or beam projector into a touchscreen capable device, for all intents and purposes converting into a new product." He added, "We will participate in maximizing the utility value of existing products and reducing wasted resources."

V-Board has successfully raised funds on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the international crowdfunding companies, exceeding its stated target by 549% and attracting a total of USD 58,702.

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