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Armed Forces Brewing Company Announces "Neptune's Beer" Commemorating the Anniversary of The Elimination of America's Public Enemy Number One

ANNAPOLIS, Md., May 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- To commemorate the 11th anniversary of the death of Osama Bin Laden at the hands of former Navy SEAL operator Robert J. O'Neill and SEAL Team 6 in Operation Neptune's Spear, Armed Forces Brewing Company today announced it will annually release a limited run of Neptune's Beer, a Thrice Bock Lager beer style with a rare 12% ABV.  The beer will be available at special events held by Armed Forces Brewing Company throughout 2022 and will be sold nationally online and in select retail stores starting on May 1, 2023.

"We wanted to make a beer that commemorated the operation and the team of Americans that included our own Robert J. O'Neil"

Armed Forces Brewing Company's 4,000+ investors were polled and chose the Neptune's Beer can design shown here over two other possible designs. The design pays homage to brewery co-founder O'Neill who shot Bin Laden "thrice" during the raid on the terrorist's Islamabad compound on May 1, 2011.

Neptune's Beer is a "Thrice Bock" ? a unique beer style created by Armed Forces Brewing Company's award winning brewmaster, Bob Rupprecht. Thrice Bock is a rich and warming dark lager weighing in at 12% ABV, an all-malt beast. It pours with a tan head over a mahogany liquid, riddled with ruby red highlights. It's all about the malt - three times that of your average beer. Notes of caramel and dark fruit swirl in a sea of liquid bread. Just a touch of hop bitterness balances the toasty sweetness, its aroma muted by the extended three-month lagering time.

Armed Forces Brewing Company is owned by Military Veterans and is known for its outrageous marketing for its public stock offering, which has already attracted more than 4,000 investors from all 50 states. More information on the SEC-qualified public offering is available at https://ownarmedforcesbrewingco.com/neptune/. As noted above, Armed Forces Brewing Company involves their shareholders in many aspects of the company's business, including allowing their investors to help with product design and to have exclusive tastings of new beers when developed.

"We wanted to make a beer that commemorated the operation and the team of Americans that included our own Robert J. O'Neill, who served American justice for our country and our 9-11 families," CEO Alan Beal noted.  "We're forever grateful and will tribute them every year on the anniversary of Operation Neptune's Spear when Rob put three bullets in the face of that piece of shit."

About Armed Forces Brewing Company:

Armed Forces Brewing Company was created to pay homage to the U.S. Military through its four beer brands that pay tribute to each branch of the Military: Seawolf Brewery (Navy, Coast Guard), Soldier Brewery (Army), Jarhead Brewery (Marines) and Airmen Brewery (Air Force and Space Force). Launched in 2019, Armed Forces Brewing Company was founded by experienced veterans of the food and beverage industry and Military Veterans. 

For more information visit https://ownarmedforcesbrewingco.com/neptune/

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