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FUR Commission USA Release Statement On Amendment To "America Competes Act"

PRESTON, Idaho, Feb. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Animal activists and allies in the House of Representatives have inserted a provision into the America Competes bill to strip multi-generational family farms of their livelihoods.

The "MINKS" amendment would prohibit purchase, sale or transport of farmed mink. 

The provision was made as part of an en bloc amendment ? with no hearings or input from American farmers.

Congressman Tom Tiffany (R-WI) stated, "What a sneak attack on people that create jobs and create goods for America. These people are good stewards. Good stewards of the land and they are also terrific at animal husbandry. And this is a sneak attack on them trying to drive them out of business. There's one question here. When is the hostility to the producers of America, the people that grow our food, clothe our people, and produce our energy going to end by the other side of the aisle."

This amendment must be removed from the bill immediately. Farmers across a dozen states have been deprived of their due process, impacting families, livelihoods and the rural communities that support them. 

Furthermore, this provision has nothing to do with improving America's competitive posture against China ? in fact, mink exports to China are a trade surplus.

Challis Hobbs
FUR Commission USA
[email protected] 


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