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Nothing Is as Simple or Perfect as Instagram Leads Us to Believe; Eight Creators Tell the Real Story on the First Season of the A Million Likes Podcast

They are the creators of social media accounts with millions of followers, and their content engages people all over the world. Things often look perfect on the outside. But what's behind the likes? Who are they really, and what do their individual journeys look like?

That's what the new podcast A Million Likes sets out to explore.

A Million Likes goes not only behind the scenes, but behind the mask of some of your favorite social media creators. We hear them tell their own story - in their own words.

Listeners should get ready for 8 thrilling episodes filled with drama, tragedy, run-ins with the law and even murder, but also tales of faith, strength, family, friendship, love and passion.

Each journey is unique, yet they all share one common theme ? that nothing is as simple or perfect as Instagram leads us to believe.

The creators

Each episode of A Million Likes features one creator. We hear them tell their story, from their own perspective, as they experienced it. The episodes are unvarnished and the tales are as personal as they are diverse.

@girlandtheword (Anh Lin)

@kidkypree (Kypree Taylor)

@queenofblood (Shonda Mackey)

@thediamondsgirl (Tracey Ellison)

@panthere_instyle (Lena)

@sotahboy (Oscar Salinas)

@millennialmarried (Kim & Steve McRoyal - double episode)

A Million Likes is produced by Willa (willa.com), the creator-economy fintech dedicated to getting freelancers paid superfast without the associated admin and hassle.

The team is on a mission to power the future of work and ensure that freelance workers can optimize their working conditions, spend less time on paperwork, and ? most importantly ? get paid for the work they have done without waiting for their money.

"We're incredibly excited to celebrate these incredible creators, and give them a platform to tell their personal stories outside of what they show on Instagram or other social media channels," said Kristofer Sommestad, Co-founder & CEO.

Willa was founded in 2019 by a team of serial entrepreneurs, many of whom were early members of the Spotify team and played a key role in the brand's growth and U.S. launch.

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