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Putting People First: Jake Corman Launches Campaign For Governor

BELLEFONTE, Pa., Nov. 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Promising to fight to put people first and improve the lives of families, longtime Pennsylvania public servant Jake Corman today launched his campaign to become Pennsylvania's 48th governor from his hometown of Bellefonte with a video on his campaign website and YouTube channel.

The video can be viewed at his campaign website: www.CormanforPA.com and on his YouTube channel:  https://youtu.be/gOH9Vd4lfd8.

Currently president pro tempore of the state Senate, he pledged to protect the personal freedoms of Pennsylvanians while improving the commonwealth's educational opportunities, creating jobs and ensuring our communities are safe.

"I will fight for the freedoms of Pennsylvanians every day," Corman said. "We are not a society that accepts being told to stay home and let government figure it out. Pennsylvania is a can-do society. Let us know what the challenges are, and we will meet them head on."

Job creation will be a top priority for the Corman administration. While in the Senate, he helped to create 4,000 jobs at a Luzerne County brownfield redevelopment through energy-friendly tax credits that incentivize businesses to locate in Pennsylvania.

"My administration will embrace the energy economy because that's the greatest area of job growth in Pennsylvania," he said. "There isn't any reason we can't have a clean, safe environment and a thriving energy industry."

To achieve economic security, Sen. Corman also will focus on building a world-class educational system with an array of options, including strong K-12 public schools, vo-tech schools, community colleges and training centers.

"Our children are our future," he said. "I'm proud to have voted for record funding in public education. While supporting our public schools, we must acknowledge that education isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. We've learned a lot about education during the pandemic. Parents feel more invested than ever to play an active role in their child's education. A good education shouldn't be determined by a child's zip code. Let's empower parents to find the right educational environment they believe is best suited for their children to succeed. And not all students follow traditional paths. Expanding our adult education opportunities is essential to our economy."

The Corman administration also will be an ally to law enforcement, providing funding, training and the tools necessary to stop the historic escalation of violence in our communities.

"At a time when our law enforcement needed leadership and support, our governor marched in a protest and stood in front of a sign that read, 'Blue Lives Murder'," Corman said. "It's a shame our governor hasn't put so much effort into providing law enforcement and our communities tools to fight crime. We're seeing crime plaguing communities across Pennsylvania. Some of our cities are among the worst in the nation for violence. Our administration will be allies for law enforcement. We'll invest in putting police on the streets and make sure they have the training and tools they need to keep our communities safe. Make no mistake, we'll stand with law enforcement against those who demonize our bravest public servants."

Sen. Corman said the time has come for Pennsylvanians to take back their personal freedoms.

"I believe we can take on and defeat this pandemic and not infringe on our individual freedoms," he said. "I believe we can protect our environment and the beauty of Pennsylvania and still have a thriving energy economy that provides family-sustaining jobs for our communities. I believe we can have a first-class public school system and empower parents to find the best environment for their children to succeed. I believe we can support our heroes in law enforcement and deal with social concerns surrounding our communities."

"I believe in the greatness of Pennsylvania. And I'm ready to fight for it. It's time to unleash Pennsylvanians so we can achieve the promise of our great commonwealth."

About Jake

A native of Centre County, Jake Corman has dedicated his life to public service. First elected to the Pennsylvania Senate in 1998, he has built a reputation for making historic investments in education, creating jobs, and being a strong fiscal watchdog for Pennsylvania taxpayers. For more information, please see: www.cormanforpa.com.

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