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Liberated Syndication Reports October Podcast Advertising Rates

Liberated Syndication Inc. (LSYN) ("Libsyn" or "the Company"), the industry's leading podcast hosting platform and advertising marketplace, today provided an update on podcast advertising rates.

These rates, which are denoted as cost per thousand or CPM, are published monthly by the Company's subsidiary, AdvertiseCast, the industry's leading podcast advertising marketplace connecting advertisers to podcasters. The data is derived from actual sales data from across the 2,000+ podcasts in the AdvertiseCast marketplace.

For October 2021, the average CPM rate for a 60-second spot was $23.33.

"Podcast advertising rates ticked up slightly in October, although they remained relatively flat as we progress into the fourth quarter of 2021," said Dave Hanley, Chief Revenue Officer at AdvertiseCast. "These figures are not reflective of podcast ad pricing that is arbitrarily set by a sales organization; rather, this pricing is driven by supply and demand within our industry-leading marketplace."

Historical rates can be found on the AdvertiseCast podcast marketplace website at: https://www.advertisecast.com/podcast-advertising-rates

The Company will continue to announce these figures on a monthly basis to enable podcasters, advertisers, and the investor community to readily monitor market pricing and provide greater insight into advertising monetization within the podcasting industry.

For more information on podcast advertising rates or other inquiries, please contact Dave Hanley at dave@advertisecast.com.

About Liberated Syndication

Liberated Syndication Inc. ("Libsyn") is a world leading podcast hosting platform and advertising marketplace that has been providing publishers with hosting, distribution and monetization services since 2004. Libsyn hosts over 5.8 million media files from more than 75,000 podcasts and delivered over 6 billion downloads in 2020. Podcast producers choose Libsyn to measure their audience via IAB V2 certified stats, deliver popular audio and video episodes, distribute their content through smartphone apps (iOS and Android), and monetize via premium subscription services and advertising. The Company also owns Auxbus, Glow, Pair Networks and AdvertiseCast, the industry's leading podcast advertising marketplace connecting advertisers to podcasters.

Brands powered by Libsyn help all creators podcast better by providing innovative tools for creation, hosting, growth and monetization. Visit Libsyn on the web at www.libsyn.com; Auxbus at www.auxbus.com; AdvertiseCast at www.advertisecast.com; and Pair Networks at www.pair.com. Investors can visit the Company at the "Investor Relations" section of Libsyn's website at https://investor.libsyn.com.

Liberated Syndication is headquartered in Pittsburgh with a world-class team and global reach.

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