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Harvest's Two UCITS Funds Win LuxFLAG ESG Labels

Harvest Global Investments Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the receipt of LuxFLAG ESG labels for two of its UCITS funds. The Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency has granted LuxFLAG ESG labels to Harvest China Evolution Equity Fund and Harvest Asian Bond Fund in recognition of Harvest's efforts to incorporate ESG standards into investment strategies. The two Harvest funds are the first China equity fund and Asian bond fund, respectively, being awarded LuxFLAG ESG labels1.

Think sustainably, act responsibly: Since 2018, Harvest has become a PRI signatory and joined other responsible investing initiatives. Harvest exercises its active ownership to reflect engagement priorities including climate change, social equality and sustainability governance. For the past years, Harvest has participated in engagement with China's largest SOEs on climate disclosure and policy setting.

China's sustainable investment pioneer: The fiduciary duty of Harvest aligns with China's quality growth transition, which brings sustainable investment opportunities. China's path to carbon neutrality has strengthened Harvest's commitment to help foster the transformation.

Proprietary ESG data and scores: Harvest has established its dedicated ESG team since 2018 and developed its proprietary ESG framework. Harvest ESG methodology is aligned with global ESG frameworks while adapted to China-specific considerations through localization. Empowered by machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Harvest ESG Scores utilize data from 5,000-plus government sources, 2,300-plus credible media, and 200-plus industry association sources. The captured data are timely aggregated into ESG investment signals via a rule-based scoring process.

Supporting China ESG index development: By leveraging ESG research, Harvest has collaborated with index providers to identify sustainable alpha opportunities through co-launching a suite of indices and picking up listed Chinese companies with best ESG profiles. These ESG indices have achieved meaningful alpha in China's A-share market solely based on ESG factor screening.

About Harvest

Founded in 1999, Harvest Fund Management is one of the first and largest Chinese asset managers with over US$190 billion AUM. Hong Kong-based Harvest Global Investments is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Harvest Fund Management. Harvest is committed to long-term sustainable investment and seeks the best sustainable alpha opportunities in China and beyond.

1Eligible from October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022 and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

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