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Wisconsin Gubernatorial Candidate Jonathan Wichmann Endorsed by Capt. Seth Keshel

FRANKLIN, Wis., Sep. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Republican gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Wichmann has secured another influential win through the praise and official endorsement of Captain Seth Keshel, who has been lauded by President Donald J. Trump for his work in election reporting.

Jonathan Wichmann has positioned himself to be a considerable threat against incumbent Tony Evers in the 2022 gubernatorial election by quickly gaining a dedicated, statewide following. Wichmann, a local business owner, has been a staunch advocate for economic prosperity and in protecting individuals' rights and freedoms.

Keshel's endorsement contained high praise of Wichmann's work and his future plans for Wisconsin: "I hereby announce my endorsement of Jonathan Wichmann for Governor of Wisconsin. Jonathan has wholeheartedly opposed the curtailment of civil liberties under the Evers administration and is a rule-of-law candidate from the Wisconsin grassroots. He is a pro-life, pro-2A candidate who will uphold those rights and use his business acumen to better the lives of everyday Wisconsinites."

Keshel's endorsement continued, applauding Wichmann's past efforts to oust Tony Evers through a recall: "He has been vocal in his belief that the 2020 election is not certifiable and is riddled with fraud. He is one of notable few in the public eye of Wisconsin that has called for a full forensic audit of the state. Rest assured, Jonathan is no member of the weak establishment Republican political class that stood by and watched the 2018 Gubernatorial race and 2020 Presidential race get ripped off in the middle of the night, with no protest whatsoever. It is time to return power to the people and elected leaders from the people. Jonathan Wichmann has my full endorsement to become Wisconsin's 47th Governor."

Seth Keshel is a highly respected retired Army Captain of Military Intelligence who served in Afghanistan. He holds an MBA and is well known for his keen analytical skills, specifically regarding the 2020 presidential election results. Keshel's report was officially recognized by President Donald Trump in a statement issued in August 2021.

Wichmann was thrilled to have received Captain Keshel's endorsement, stating, "I am grateful to have received such an empowering and important endorsement. I know that I will make the people of Wisconsin proud when I become Wisconsin's 47th Governor."

Wichmann has received multiple endorsements, with the most recent endorsement by Retired US Army Lt. General Flynn. Captain Seth Keshel also recently endorsed fellow patriot Justin Schmidtka for Secretary of State.

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