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YR Media's "Teachable Moments" Educator Engagement Campaign Adds New Resources and Teacher Toolkits for Fall 2021 School Year

Back-to-school season often stokes anxiety for students and teachers alike, and adding the uncertainty of an ever-evolving pandemic increases the anticipation exponentially. According to a new study by EdWeek, a wide majority of all students reported they are experiencing more problems now than they did in January 2020 (before the pandemic began), with 77% of Black and Latinx students reporting more struggles -- a full 9 percentage points higher than the percentage of White or Asian students.

In an effort to help both teachers and students adjust to these ongoing challenging circumstances, YR Media ? a non-profit media organization investing in future generations by championing the voices of underrepresented youth, including the BIPOC and LGBQT+ community ? is expanding "Teachable Moments," a program built around a rich collection of youth narratives and teacher toolkits. "Teachable Moments'' is designed to spotlight and encourage student-conceived and research-backed methods for engaged, emotionally- supportive learning.

The initiative originally launched in the spring of 2021 and, to date, has featured 42 youth-produced stories about mental health and resilience during the pandemic. Those articles will now feature new unique and easy-to-use curriculum tools that integrate Mental Health & Wellbeing with online learning. These four new downloadable toolkits offer lessons and practices teachers can incorporate into their classrooms to address the needs and opportunities young people are surfacing through their storytelling. These include four new resources:

In addition to providing these resources to educators nationwide online, YR Media's Teach YR team will host the "?Teachable Moments' Back-to-School Meet & Greet," a virtual summit to bring instructors from all backgrounds together to share perspectives, explore the "Teachable Moments" toolkits and broader programs, and connect with the YR Media educator network as they head back to school this Fall.

The "Teach YR ?Teachable Moments' Back-to-School Meet & Greet" will be held Wednesday, September 22, 2021 at 4 p.m. PST / 7 p.m. EST and will feature:

"Everyone in the education community - from teachers to students to parents - has had to re-imagine and adjust their approach to learning for nearly 18 months now," said Monica Clark, PhD, Director of Teach YR. "Our hope is that ?Teachable Moments' continues to lend a voice to all the critical stakeholders, helping them to design the best curriculum and facilitate essential teacher-student dialogues for successful learning - both now and in the future."

"We are excited about the work our Teach YR team is doing to not only shine a light on the curriculum needs of students from underrepresented communities, but to empower educators during this critical time," said Kyra Kyles, CEO of YR Media. "True to our mission, we want to ensure that any content focused on young people is created in direct partnership with them."

"Teachable Moments" will launch with new toolkits and resources on September 1, 2021, at https://yr.media/teachable-moments/. Toolkits can be downloaded directly here.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

To register for the "YR ?Teachable Moments' Back-to-School Meet & Greet," visit: https://yrmedia-org.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAsdu2prD4sGN1y97nA3c9vQYz1-sLDU3a6

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