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States Are Leading the Way to Eliminate Income Taxes, Says Florida Fair Tax Educational Association

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Are states leading the way to eliminate income taxes?

Consider the following:

"Voters are demonstrating their preference for retail consumption taxes that are simple, transparent, and fair," said John Grafer, member of the board of directors of Americans For Fair Taxation tm.         

High income tax states like California and New York are losing population. All 7 of the House seats lost in the 2020 census were lost by states with an income tax, and states without an income tax gained 3 of the seats. U-haul recently reported record high one-way trailer rentals going to Texas and Florida.

Taxpayers appear to be displeased with income taxes at the national level as well. The Internal Revenue Service reported that tax evasion now exceeds $1 trillion per year and that it needs to expand its budget to $13.2 billion, a 10.4% increase. 

Mr. Grafer continued, "The national solution to the oppressive income/payroll tax system is the FAIRtax Act of 2021, which, as HR 25, is now in the House Ways & Means Committee."

Link to YouTube video of What is the FAIRtax   

Learn more about the FAIRtax Act of 2021, HR 25, view the videos, contribute and join the all-volunteer organization at Fairtax.org.

Florida Fair Tax Educational Association is a 501(c) (3) to inform and educate the citizens on alternatives to the current system of federal taxation based on the following principles: fairness, simplicity, transparency, pro-economic growth and revenue neutrality.

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