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Strateggyz - New Report by Philippe Béchade Explaining the End of Deflation

Hyperinflation of virtual assets, financing conditions favorable to negative real rates, health crisis: The last forty years have not spared the global economy. In a report published by Agora, Philippe Béchade explains how the deflationary cycle we are going through is about to end. An idea shared by Bruno Boggiani, financial investment advisor and CNCEF administrator.

"A 40-year cycle of deflation, one of the longest in the last 150 years of the industrial age, is about to end," said the economist.

In economics, cycles follow one another ... and look alike! Bad for growth, deflation usually only recedes when inflation takes over. A trained arbitrager and technical analyst, Philippe Béchade strives to promote a humanist, sassy and forward-looking analysis of economic news. With this report entitled "1981-2021: Here lies the deflation!" », The man remains faithful to his values. Aware of the scale of the debt and the inability of the various economic systems to pay it off, he remains convinced that inflation must henceforth be seen as THE-so-lu-tion.

"To the extent that the burning of the global debt, which now represents three times the planetary GDP [...] is impossible to extinguish through taxation [...], the international financial intelligentsia is beginning to realize that the inflation is ultimately the most painless issue for over-indebted states, companies and households," underlined the editor-in-chief of "La Bourse au Quotidien" and of the letter "Béchade confidential."

Bruno Boggiani, founder of Strateggyz, an investment strategies company, and of Green Finance, a reference media centralizing good practices in green finance, can only subscribe to this discourse. In a system where economic agents, management companies and banks, show themselves eager to regain control of their capital, it is - ur-gent not to let the doubt hang over the value of the money - itself. Even. Otherwise, alternative securities storage solutions other than the traditional gold and silver will flourish.

"This reality makes the business of assets whose value is theoretically governed only by the law of supply and demand and which - again in theory - are not dependent on any market authority," recalls Philippe Béchade.

The report written by Philippe Béchade is available free of charge in its entirety under this link.

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