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ImpactWayvtm Completes Beta Test of Its Social Impact Media and Technology Platform and Announces Upcoming Public Launch

ImpactWayv, Inc. is pleased to announce it has recently concluded the private beta test of ImpactWayvtm, the company's pioneering social impact media and technology networking platform that will launch publicly this spring. ImpactWayv connects people, businesses and philanthropy ? for good.

Designed to be a healthier and more meaningful alternative to major social networking platforms, ImpactWayv is the next generation digital ecosystem where people, businesses and nonprofits engage to effect positive change and maximize social impact. ImpactWayv unites disparate sources of information, initiatives and innovations from across the global social good sector under one digital roof to generate greater and more efficient collective impact.

Reception to ImpactWayv's invitation-only private beta test was overwhelmingly positive, with individual, business and nonprofit users confirming the strong need for this type of holistic social impact-focused platform within today's social media landscape. Users were guided through ImpactWayv's core user flow to validate design, functionality and usability. The results reinforced the platform's underlying social impact thesis, focused on fostering universal social good through a continuous cycle of engagement, interaction and empowerment.

At a time of unprecedented interest in social action globally, ImpactWayv provides the social media network solution that addresses the convergence of three major trends in society:

"ImpactWayv is uniquely positioned for this moment in time," said George Dolatly, Co-Founder and President of ImpactWayv, Inc. "Our groundbreaking platform creates the opportunity for people, businesses and nonprofits to work together efficiently and effectively on all fronts to maximize social good and positive change."

ImpactWayv will also feature a digital "Social Impact as a Service" (SIaaS) offering to both businesses and nonprofits to best address emerging social impact trends such as business models that integrate the values and metrics of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) criteria, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This will allow ImpactWayv to provide advisory and support services through a global team of social impact sector leaders, experts and experienced professionals.

"Our current climate has demonstrated just how motivated people are to come together to foster positive social change," said Benji Bernstein, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of ImpactWayv, Inc. "The time is now for a new digital ecosystem that meets this critical moment ? a social media network created to unite and empower people, businesses and nonprofits for greater collective impact, via a continuous cycle of social good. ImpactWayv is that platform, a breakthrough force for good."

About ImpactWayv, Inc.

ImpactWayv, Inc. is a social impact media and technology company, consisting of thought leaders and doers from across the business, nonprofit and technology sectors. ImpactWayv was created to disrupt and transform the worlds of business and philanthropy through technology ? to advance universal social good. For more information or to be added to the ImpactWayv user list, please visit: www.ImpactWayv.com.

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