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Strateggyz Launches a Viral Advertising Campaign: Seriously, Who Are You Relying on to Jump-Start the Economy?

Observations on jump-starting the economy by Bruno Boggiani, CEO of Strateggyz:

Strateggyz, a Financial Investment Advisor (Conseiller en Investissements Financiers, CIF) and National Chamber of Financial Investment Advisors (Chambre Nationale des Conseillers en Investissements Financiers, CNCIF), has launched a new training program: the takeover, creation and fundamental analyses of healthy firms or firms in difficulty in response to the unprecedented economic and health crisis we are currently experiencing. In view of this situation, Bruno Boggiani, CEO of Strateggyz, has launched an advertising campaign - an original and unconventional video which denounces the inadequacy of the recovery plans put forward by the government as well as the incoherent ramblings of YouTubers who promise a brighter future.

"The idea behind this video was to poke fun at all the YouTubers who thrive on the social networks and offer viewers the chance to earn outrageous amounts of money each day from the comfort of their own sofa. Between the inadequate measures put forward by the government and these fake miraculous schemes, we believed there was an opening to offer a serious training program to support firms experiencing difficulties", declared Bruno Boggiani, CEO of Strateggyz Green Finance.

In preparation for this commercial, Strateggyz called upon the actress and model Audrey Férin (the star of several American films such as "Where we go from here"; she also portrayed Harley Quinn in "Batman", as well as playing other roles). Whilst listening to government announcements and feverish promises from dream merchants 2.0, the young woman sees her enthusiasm wane and her clothes disappear one by one, as a symbol of the various empty promises. The clip ends with a hard-hitting punchline: "Seriously, who are you relying on to jump-start the economy?". Web surfers have flocked to this video clip and it has been viewed several thousand times in 24 hours.

"The purpose of this video was simply to call upon webs surfers to take their destiny into their own hands. At a time when our economy is faced with significant challenges to ensure its survival, it is no longer sufficient to sit back and wait for a helping hand from our government or believe in extravagant pseudo-gains on social networks" added Bruno Boggiani.

The training program developed by Strateggyz offers, depending on the package, a diagnosis and comprehensive insight into the company concerned. It covers all aspects of the company's business, from the financial and accounting sectors to commercial and strategic marketing, including tax, legal and social matters. In total, approximately 800 points of concrete and in-depth analysis are made available to the participants. This is more than a training program, it is a genuine bible on the creation and takeover of a company under the guidance of expert advisers in their field.

The last word goes to Bruno Boggiani: "Taking over a company is a long and perilous endeavor. However, here at Strateggyz, we firmly believe that you are the solution to this crisis! "

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