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President Trump's Former Platoon Sergeant At New York Military Academy Exhorts Voters To Re-Elect Trump. Peter Ticktin Spoke At '20 Days To Save The USA'

HICKORY, N.C., Oct. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Peter Ticktin, a main speaker at the virtual conference "20 Days to Save the USA," said his new book "What Makes Trump Tick" presents a "truthful picture, for a change" of the President under whom he served at New York Military Academy when they were teenagers developing leadership skills.

Ticktin was one of the speakers at the conference that kicked off Oct. 15 featuring a posse of passionate speakers from across the social/political spectrum sharing one common goal--reelecting President Trump.

The event was a rousing success reaching over 200,000 registrants and their guests who viewed the conference nationwide.  Attendance is expected to rise to over a million by Nov. 3, said event organizer Jerry McGlothlin.

Ticktin said he understands how President Trump could "take out a deserving horror like that Iranian terrorist general without the trepidation or dread of how Iran would respond.  He did have concern; he would be ready. But what he did not have were the hesitations, the squeamishness, the inability to act which fear causes."

Event speakers included Rick Gates, Deputy Campaign Manager for the 2016 Trump for President campaign, who deplored how major news media were ignoring shocking news of alleged wrongdoing of Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Former Bill Clinton chief political strategist Dick Morris received hearty belly laughs when asked how to save the USA, he responded "Don't elect a senile, babbling fool as President." Biden "can hardly finish a sentence."

Other session speakers advised voters to be skeptical of the Biden and Trump Town Hall broadcasts, where ABC's Stephanopoulos threw softball questions to Biden and NBC's Savannah Guthrie tried to "gut and filet the sitting President." Also being featured was AOC's congressional opponent, John Cummings who made a case for how The Green New Deal would bankrupt the USA.

Emergency room physician Mark Bruce cautioned about the dangers of socialized medicine, while Lt. General Jerry Boykin, known for his battlefield wisdom, said this election "will largely determine if we are to remain a Republic, or surrender to Socialism and cultural Marxism."

Black conservative Charles Butler, Obama's former neighbor in Chicago, said Black Lives do matter, but that the group, "Black Lives Matter" does not properly represent the Black community.

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