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Author Releases Political Satire Book Ahead Of 2020 Election That Pits Joe Biden Against Trump

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In one of the most volatile and important election cycles in history, first-time author Matthew Thomas Redmond gives some "point-blank truths" as to why the electorate should vote Joe Biden over Donald Trump in his book titled "101 Reasons to Vote Joe Biden".

With the United States 2020 Presidential Election campaign in full swing, many believe that Trump's historical achievements made him invincible against any other candidate. This book of 128 pages, however, in ironic fashion state 101 key reasons why his major contender should be voted in. Matthew includes in the political satire book an author-introduction and an epilogue essay on making his case to vote for Trump.

Although with a controversial title, the book which will be launched on the 15th of OCT is a kind that will bring Trump's fans, friends foes, and family a much-needed laugh and break from the divisiveness that has dominated much of this election cycle. For those looking for a tremendous election-themed saucy and satirical book, this is an excellent read.  Election covering media voices and also useful as an aid for product placement pages on political-friendly sites.

With a day job, Matthew wants to avoid antagonizing his employers. Therefore, all communications should focus on the book, its wry playfulness, and the more significant statement it makes about how dirty politics should take a less dominant role in the American conversation. It's preferred that we make the book the focal point. ? Reviewer

About the author, Matthew is affable, articulate, and engaging. He is open to being engaged in an interview on relevant Facebook and Instagram Live pages, podcasts, radio shows and any local TV with a fair preference for jingoistic Republican-leaning publishers.

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