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President Trump is being Played by Putin

MEMPHIS, Tenn., July 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --

"I'm angry!  President Trump is being played by Putin. Trump is removing troops from our allies in Europe and refuses to address bounties placed on lives of American troops by Russia. This is the time Republicans in Congress should be calling President Trump back to the conservative position of protecting our troops and allies."

Dr. George Flinn, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, says: "We must demand action from President Trump for his handling of Russia putting bounties on U.S troops in Afghanistan." The President's silence on Russian actions against our troops appears that he is more sensitive to the approval Vladimir Putin then our soldiers. Standing behind our troops requires a lot more action when these men and women who defend our freedom have been subject to possible assassination attempts. Dr. Flinn is also angry that Republicans in Congress are not holding the President accountable. And now, the President has announced the withdraw of 12,000 troops from Germany. This opens the door for increased Russian influence in Europe.

From the beginning of the bounty issue President Trump has sidestepped the issue. First, saying he wasn't aware, to finally admitting someone told him. Now we learn that he has spoken to Vladimir Putin on numerous occasions since July 1 of this year, and not brought up the subject once. Russian is not our friend, this incident proves that and Russian needs to held accountable.

Russian for years has wanted to reestablish its influence in Europe. The major thing standing in its way, NATO and the U.S. troops stationed in Germany. The withdraw of our troops send a signal to Russia and Putin that the U.S. wants to reduce its influence. This is not what Republicans have stood for over the past 80 years. Russia, while a trading partner, is not a national security partner. We cannot open the door to increased Russian influence anywhere in Europe. We cannot lose our status as the superpower because of Trump's unwillingness to stand up to our foreign adversaries.

Republicans have long stood for supporting our troops. I am calling on President Trump and the Republicans in Congress and across the nation to stand up for our troops and hold the President accountable.

Putin seeks to endanger our troops, disrupt the policies of the United States, and destabilize our relations with strong and free world allies in Europe.

Tennessee needs a Senator who will stand up for our troops and our allies.
Dr. George Flinn asks for your vote on August 6th.


SOURCE Dr. George Flinn for U.S. Senate

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