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When Partners Are Seen and Appreciated, Success Follows

DUBLIN, Calif., Dec. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A company culture defines the environment that partners work in which can be difficult for a social selling brand when partners are located all over the United States. So, it makes sense that using the common ground of social media to feature partners, recognize them, and include them builds a culture of inclusion that everyone feels from the start.

CEO & FOUNDER, MELISSA THOMPSON A 20-year veteran of the cosmetics industry, Melissa has held tenures at the world's top direct-sales companies. Drawing on that vast background to create BELLAME, her goal was to give women a path ? via science-backed, luxury beauty and an innovative business model ? to claim their career and financial destinies. (PRNewsfoto/BELLAME)

If you have heard CEO and Founder Melissa Thompson speak, or read any of the features in Direct Selling News, you know the extent she loves, appreciates, and recognizes her tribe. In almost every partner call, which she holds monthly so she can connect directly with the field, she often reminds partners of how much she values them by sharing something like: "This is not just my company, it's ours. We are building this brand together.'' If you ask any partner their thoughts on what sets BELLAME apart you will undoubtedly hear, "I feel seen here. I know I am important" regardless of their rank in the company. These are Melissa's values in action.

Taking it a step further, BELLAME chooses to use pictures of partners in features on social media rather than models or implementing stock photos. A quick glance at the corporate Instagram and Facebook pages show partners being interviewed every Monday as part of a Motivational Monday series, partner pictures with products (many that are taken professionally at BELLAME'S cost), and partners' own pictures and quotes were even used as part of a lipstick challenge showcasing the colors on multiple different skin tones, ages, and genders.

Put all of this together, and it is no surprise that the company culture at BELLAME is one of diversity, inclusion, appreciation, and love for each other. What we see in response to this is the creation of leaders who inspire, perform and are driven to support and create other leaders as the company continues to grow. It's the perfect recipe for success.

Are you interested in learning more about the culture at BELLAME? Contact your Independent BELLAME Partner or simply go to bellame.com for more information.

To learn more, visit bellame.com.



Believe in the strength of a smile, and positive words and purposeful thoughts.  BELLAME was born with a mission to boost the beauty in our world and celebrate women being comfortable in their skin and bold in her beliefs!

As women, it is important to remind each other of the beauty and courage that lives within us all.  Equip a woman with that confidence, and there is nothing she can't do! 



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