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SOUSV Pot Introduces the First All in One Product that Can Truly SOUS VIDE to SEARtm

CHINO HILLS, Calif., Dec. 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- SOUSV pot announces the launch and availability of a brand new product, a sous vide precision multicooker. SOUSV pot has innovative SOUS VIDE to SEARtm and Dual AccuTemp Technology. SOUSV pot combines the temperature precision of sous vide immersion cookers with the utility and convenience of multicookers.

SOUSV pot's SOUS VIDE to SEARtm technology simplifies the cooking process by incorporating sous vide cooking with multicookers. Users don't need to find a stockpot and spend time to setup their sous vide immersion cookers. Users also don't have to deal with fiery torches or heavy cast iron pans to get a final sear.

SOUSV pot adds the all around utility and convenience of multicookers in one device. Sous vide, saute, slow cook, rice, yogurt, steam, boil and custom cooking modes replace many devices in the kitchen. Use SOUSV pot every day.

SOUSV pot's Dual AccuTemp Technology improves multicooker performance to truly control temperatures to the precision needed for sous vide cooking. A motorized top temperature probe automatically lowers into the water bath providing temperature control and precision equivalent to many sous vide immersion cookers. A built-in wideband bottom temperature probe works concurrently with the top temperature probe to improve all other cooking modes.

SOUSV pot's BOIL/STEAM mode has a true cooking time calculator that works in HIGH and LOW temperature settings. Cook time countdown only starts when cooking temperatures are reached, eliminating the guesswork and boil over risk common with stovetop cooking. The LOW temperature setting automatically heats on full power to minimize preheating times, and then intelligently adjusts heating to a stovetop simmer that reduces the chance of boil over. Cooking 1 or 6 servings of pasta still means a user inputs 10 minutes of cook time.

SOUSV pot is backed by a company with over 20 years of experience manufacturing slow cookers, pressure cookers, multicookers, and air fryers for many beloved household name brands in the US. We are a US company with the sole goal of creating cooking appliances that make it easier for people to enjoy healthy tasting food every day.

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SOUSV pot - SOUS VIDE to SEAR - Fill SOUSV pot with water and use the sous vide function to cook steaks to the perfect level of done. Use the same device to finish with a sear.

SOUSV pot w/ Dual AccuTemp - First multicooker with top motorized probe that truly cooks sous vide. Use the same device to sear and more! Use SOUSV pot everyday for slow cooking, steaming, boiling, making yogurt, and making rice!


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