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Bringing the Ocean's Magic to Your Bath Experience: Eager Biotech Creates a New Luxury Bath Bomb, Bath Diamond, Evoking the Ocean's Beauty With Safe Bioluminescence Technology and Calming Natural Oils

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Inspired during a kayaking trip where they visited a renowned bioluminescent bay, the founders of a new company, Eager Biotech, were determined to find a way to bring the magical qualities of bioluminescent lights that fascinated them to the comfort of your own home and bathtub.

The company is introducing a luxurious bath bomb called Bath Diamond, (https://bathdiamond.com/), which seeks to safely evoke the oceanic bioluminescent experience for consumers. The team behind the development of Bath Diamond, which features Nobel-Prize winning technology, includes its chief scientist who has been researching the ocean's bioluminescence for 26 years.

Using luciferin and luciferase combined with all-natural essential oils, Bath Diamond works simply by placing it inside your bathtub in dim lighting conditions. All you have to do is sit back and watch the lights form and float around in the bathwater.

The company uses a completely safe, marine-based protein in order to produce the lights in their bath bomb. Their innovative technology also includes antioxidants, which can help leave your skin healthier and more radiant. The natural oils will also make your skin soft and smooth, overall creating an amazing, spa-like experience. Between the combination of essential oils, bioluminescence technology, and the bath bomb qualities, Eager Biotech has created a unique, radiant bathing product with Bath Diamond.

"We wanted this science to be accessible to those outside of just the medical field, so we worked with labs for years to create our luminous, ocean-derived Bath Diamond technology. Now we can share our bioluminescent bay experience with you from the comfort of your home," said Wayne Chang, company co-founder.

Chang, who co-founded the company with his friends, Allen Chang, and Michael Shir, said beyond providing an enriching, memorable bathing experience, they also hope to use Bath Diamond to educate consumers on the potential of bioluminescence technology and fund research for future bioluminescence product lines.

"We use natural ingredients whenever possible. All the synthetics we use are safe for human use. The 100% natural essential oil content in our bath bombs is also among the highest in the industry," Chang added.

Benefits of Bath Diamond include:

Eager Biotech has launched an Indiegogo campaign, (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/bath-diamond-bath-bomb-with-natural-glow-crystals#/ ), to spread awareness about Bath Diamond among consumers and the investment community.


Eager Biotech aims to create and drive a vibrant consumer bioluminescent product market by offering many quality products. Bath Diamond, (https://bathdiamond.com/), is the company's first product and provides a most luxurious bioluminescent bathing experience. Through continued research, Eager Biotech will bring more lasting memorable bioluminescent product experiences to consumers.

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