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Labatt Road Safety Forums to examine four key road safety issues, seek cooperative solutions

Risk of injury and death increases with speeding, impaired & distracted driving

TORONTO, Sept. 13, 2019 /CNW/ - Here's the question:  Are there any benefits to speeding that outweigh the consequences?  Consider these facts ? studies have shown that a typical driver is likely to save only about two minutes a week by exceeding the speed limit.  On the other hand, increasing your average speed by only 1% increases the risk of fatality by 4% to 12% and driving 20 kilometres per hour over the speed limit increases the risk of a crash six-fold.

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation reported that in the last year that statistics are available, 2016, more than a quarter of road fatalities were speed-related.  Add in drinking and driving, impaired and distracted driving and the risks and consequences are amplified exponentially.  That's why Labatt is bringing its decades of experience and commitment to road safety to a Canada-wide initiative that brings communities together to increase awareness and develop meaningful solutions.

Reaction time is key to avoiding road crashes; sometimes having even a second to react vs a second lost to distraction can change the outcome. And when alcohol is involved, decision-making, motor coordination and response time are impaired, escalating the negative effects of faster speeds. As a result, drivers aren't really in control of their vehicles, even though they may think they are. 

All of this is why speeding, driving under the influence or while impaired, and texting while driving are crimes that endanger the public and are punishable under both provincial and federal law.  In light of all this, it's astounding that while Canadians say they are concerned about speeding, 70% still do it.

"What will it take to get people to realize the impact of these dangerous behaviours?" said Kyle Norrington, President, Labatt Breweries of Canada. "Our goal is to mobilize communities, experts, local citizens and law enforcement representatives to make the consequences clear and to accelerate real change.  Immediate action from all is needed."

In a series of Road Safety Forums that will be held in five major cities across Canada ? Toronto, Montreal, London, Halifax and Edmonton ? Labatt is partnering with the Traffic Injury Research Foundation and local police authorities to bring together various experts and communities to examine four key road safety issues ? speeding, drinking and driving, impaired driving and distracted driving.  Ways to work towards eliminating these behaviours and making road safety a personal, daily commitment for all of us, will also be explored.

Labatt has been committed to road safety for about as long as there have been roads for motorized vehicles in Canada.  Over the past several decades the company, along with other organizations, have been involved ? and by many measures made significant progress ? in the fight against drinking and driving.  Through these forums, Labatt strives to create a culture of overall road safety in which everyone has a role to play.

"Most road deaths are preventable. Despite the enforcement of laws, and escalating penalties and insurance costs for drivers, many road users continue to take risks which jeopardize the safety of everyone on the road," said Robyn Roberson, President and CEO, Traffic Injury Research Foundation. "The road environment changes in seconds, and drivers who are speeding, distracted or impaired simply won't be prepared or able to respond to those unexpected events that happen every day."

While statistics demonstrate the success of efforts by a range of organizations and companies in making refraining from drinking and driving a social norm, there remains much to accomplish. Prevention strategies must adapt and keep pace with a changing road safety environment, building on accumulated knowledge to tackle new facets of existing problems and new issues.

Here are the dates for all of the 2019 Road Safety Forums:
Montreal:  September 11, 2019
Toronto:  September 13, 2019
London:  October 3, 2019
Halifax:  October 21, 2019
Edmonton:  October 21, 2019

About Labatt Breweries of Canada

Labatt has long been a Canadian leader in the fight for moderation and against drinking and driving.  Since 1929, when the company launched its Highway Courtesy and Roadside Assistance Program which provided aid to stranded motorists and at accident scenes, Labatt has also been committed to overall road safety. 

Programming, which often involves partnerships with police, municipalities and other community organizations, aims to advance efforts for safer roads and communities.  This year, Labatt is extending its nine-year initiative of annual events that recognize and promote the need for safe roads to involve those who have the most to gain from continued progress - the community at large.

Established in 1847, Labatt is Canada's leading brewer and has more than 3,500 employees, six breweries, three stand-alone craft brewers, and a portfolio of 60 quality beers. As part of the Anheuser-Busch InBev family, Labatt is committed to Bring People Together for a Better World, making a positive contribution through multiple programs that support its communities, promote responsible drinking and protect the environment.

SOURCE Labatt Breweries of Canada

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