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Tom Girardi Calls For Attorney General William Barr to Oversee and Ensure That Palm Beach County Sheriff Bradshaw Returns The Hollywood Land Development Company's Property Valued At Over $6,341,776,000 with Unappealed Court Order In Effect Or For DOJ To Pay Just Compensation Immediately of Over $6,341,776,000 with the Victims Tort Claim in Effect

PALM BEACH, Fla., Aug. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Although Attorney General (AG) William Barr has conveyed on multiple occasions to the Victims that he is aware that Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBSO) Sheriff Ric Bradshaw continues to obstruct the Victims unappealed January 4, 2019  Court Order which is in full effect for the return of their company property consisting of U.S. Currency and U.S. Gold Bullion valued at over $6,341,776,000, the fact that Attorney General Barr has not course-corrected Sheriff Bradshaw, the Custodian of the Victims property, is truly unacceptable.  A letter had been received by Attorney General Barr's Chief-of-Staff Mr. Brian Rabbitt on May 22, 2019 requesting for immediate assistance with Sheriff Bradshaw.  Attorney General Barr had assured us that he understood what Sheriff Bradshaw was putting the Victims through, however Attorney General Barr has not done his job as head of all law enforcement in the United States. Attorney General Barr must lead by example to ensure that Sheriff Bradshaw follows the law and does not continue to allow the Victims to have to endure this type of government abuse and AG Barr does not continue to allow this U.S. Sheriff to continue to benefit off the Victims private company property. Attorney General Barr must ensure that the Victims are made whole by either enforcing Sheriff Bradshaw to follow the unappealed January 4, 2019 Court Order or by the Department of Justice paying just compensation in regard to Victims Tort Claim Number 164222575 provided by DOJ. It is unacceptable for Victims of crime in the United States of America to be held hostage from picking up their own company property especially considering that there has been a unappealed Court Order in effect for over eight (8) months and an unpaid multi-agency Federal Tort Claim submitted and presented to the U.S. government over twenty (20) months ago all unlawfully done by the government for political and financial reasons. The facts are, more than 97 percent of all Tort Claims submitted to the Federal government are settled and paid to the Claimant within six (6) months from the time the government receives them" Mr. Thomas V. "Tom" Girardi of Girardi and Keese Law, the Victims Advocate stated.

On July 16, 2018 Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met with the Victims Advocate Mr. Tom Girardi and confirmed the Victims accurate in chronological order, and meticulously detailed intelligence regarding the wrongdoers that was provided in the Victims Tort Claim submitted February 5, 2018 to the U.S. government. The Victims Tort Claim Number 164222575 was provided by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on September 10, 2018 from the Victims official DOJ point of contact and Victims Advocate Ms. Jessica Hart, Esq. from the Office of the Attorney General in regard to The Hollywood Land Development Company's Tort Claim. On September 19, 2018, Sheriff Bradshaw based on the Victims intelligence, recovered their company property locally in Palm Beach County and from overseas in France, consisting of the Victims U.S. Currency and U.S. Gold Bullion non-refundable contract deposits from the $6,341,776,000 August 2016 Sale of Sovereign Tower I the planned 800-room Marriott dual-branded Ritz-Carlton/St. Regis "best in all class in all categories" luxury hotel project. The non-refundable contract deposits had been stolen three years ago from the Victims consisting of The Hollywood Land Development Company's "Sovereign Tower I Stakeholders" in regard to the planned custom "best in class" luxury hotel project.

A Tort Claim is part of the Federal Tort Claims Act, also known as the FTCA, whereby a government employee is liable to the Claimant for damages. Tort Claims are paid by the U.S. taxpayers through the U.S. Judgement Fund which is managed by the U.S. Department of Treasury.

"In our case, it costs the U.S. taxpayers absolutely nothing, which almost never happens because of the Victims intricate in-depth and highly detailed intelligence that allowed Florida law enforcement the ability to recover our company property directly in record time" said Mr. Nicholas Phipps White, Chairman and CEO of The Hollywood Land Development Company, LLC, great-great grandson of the Honorable U.S. Senator Lawrence C. Phipps, who architected U.S. Steel the first billion dollar company in the world, and also nephew of prominent Palm Beach philanthropist and industrialist Henry Phipps Jr, of Palm Beach, Florida.

"We are at the third year anniversary since the Victims company property was stolen and almost at the one-year anniversary in which Florida law enforcement recovered the Hollywood Land Development Company's property. I cannot emphasize enough, how brave, patient, honest, informative and non-partisan the Victims have been throughout the entire last three years. It is irresponsible and appalling to think that Attorney General Barr would have the American people pay the Victims Tort Claim Number 164222575 rather than for Attorney General Barr to demand that Sheriff Bradshaw follow the January 4, 2019 Court Order and return the Victims company property without delay. Furthermore, Attorney General Barr is aware that Sheriff Bradshaw is unlawfully collecting more than $282,947 a day of The Hollywood Land Development Company's interest income from the $6,341,776,000 sale of Sovereign Tower I and costing more than 10,000 plus U.S. jobs per Sovereign Tower. Private sector individuals from The Hollywood Land Development Company should not ever be required to compensate or pay public sector government officials by sharing their proceeds from the sale of their project in order to have their company property returned. The Hollywood Land Development Company's primary responsibility is to distribute the non-refundable contract funds to their Sovereign Tower I Stakeholders who have been waiting for their company property for over three years" Mr. Girardi added.

"The facts are that the Attorney General of the United States was required by law to have paid just compensation to the Victims on at least three separate occasions, the first occasion being on February 5, 2018 by Attorney General Jeff Sessions when the Victims Tort Claim was confirmed to have been received by the Federal government however AG Sessions was later recused by Acting Attorney General Rosenstein due to AG Session's conflict of interest; the second occasion in which the Attorney General of the United States was required to have paid just compensation was on September 19, 2018 by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein whereby the Victims company property consisting of U.S. Currency and U.S. Gold Bullion was recovered by Sheriff Bradshaw locally in Palm Beach and overseas in France; and the third occasion in which the Attorney General of the United States was required to have paid just compensation was on April 19, 2019 by Attorney General William Barr when the Victims January 4, 2019 Court Order was again obstructed and their property was not returned. All three U.S. Attorney Generals have failed to follow or enforce United States laws with the proof being that the Victims have not received any their company property back yet" Mr. Girardi concluded.

The Victims have respectfully requested for Attorney General William Barr and for Victims official DOJ point of contact, Ms. Jessica Hart both ensure that Sheriff Bradshaw have the Victims company property ready per their January 4, 2019 Court Order in effect or have the appropriate check ready from the U.S. Treasury's Judgement Fund in regard to Tort Claim Number 164222575 for The Hollywood Land Development Company to present to their Chairman and CEO, Mr. Nicholas Phipps White by 1:00 p.m. Thursday, September 5, 2019 at the PBSO Headquarters Lobby, 3228 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406.

Media Contact: The Hollywood Land Development Company, Mary White (424) 355-1171; 220851@email4pr.com

SOURCE The Hollywood Land Development Company, LLC

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