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Democrats Join Silicon Valley and Turn Their Backs on Hispanic Immigration, Says Immigration Lawyer Andrew P. Johnson

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- "Democrats have voted to virtually end all future Hispanic employment immigration to the United States," said Immigration Attorney Andrew P. Johnson.    

House Democrats voted overwhelmingly to pass HR1044 in July 2019. The Senate version of the bill is S. 386, the so-called "Fairness Act." 

"Silicon Valley clearly pushed this vote under the cover of darkness since there were no hearings or debates on the House Bill," he said.  The Bill makes potential immigrant Hispanic employees wait 7 to 10 years to enter the US for an employment based green card. The current wait time is a reasonable year and a half.

"Any US company or Hispanic owned US company will not wait for an employee for 7 to 10 years, so these bills virtually block any future legal employment based green cards for every Spanish-speaking country in the world," he said.  

There are 140,000 employment based green cards allowable each year and each country is allowed a maximum of 7% quota each year, he said.    

Indians and Chinese have over-subscribe their quota and have a backlog of over 1 million cases, he said. HR 1044 and S.386  eliminates the 7% per country quota system. "So for the next seven years, virtually all employment-based immigration will be Indian and Chinese cases. 74% of Silicon Valley employed computer and mathematical workers ages 25-44 are foreign born 2016 Silicon Valley Index https://jointventure.org/images/stories/pdf/index2016.pdf 

"No employer will realistically wait 7 to 10 years for an employee.   Why would Democratic congressman virtually end employment based Hispanic immigration?   Silicon Valley wants to help the backlog of Indian and Chinese employment based cases," he said. "Ironically, this bill only slightly helps the backlog of Indian and Chinese cases, but virtually eliminates employment based green cards for talented Hispanic applicants who want to enter the United States in a legal manner.  These Democratic House and Senate members claim to be advocates to the Hispanic community, and yet plan on passing a law that will virtually stop any US employer from legally sponsoring a Hispanic person for an employment immigrant visa. Interestingly, this bill did not eliminate the per-country quota requirements for diversity lottery or family immigration which would have helped Mexican and Filipino backlogged cases because immigrants from these countries are not highly represented in Silicon Valley." 

"H.R. 1044 is bizarrely called the Fairness Act because it eliminates per country quotas for employment green cards However, we hope the news media will ask "Is it fair to pass a bill that makes a Hispanic applicants wait an additional 7 to 10 years to enter the country through the legal immigrant employment-based process?    This new law supported by Democrats is taking away a legal option for hard-working Hispanics to legally enter the country and leaving them with only a dangerous option of entering the country illegally.    It is a shame that both Congressional and Senate Democrats have chosen Silicon Valley donations over the Hispanic community, says Immigration Lawyer Carlos Castaneda.

Johnson asked, "How does an immigration bill in this politically charged atmosphere get passed by the House with no hearings and no debates and almost no one is talking about the Bill?  This Bill is clearly being pushed by big-money interests who want this past as quickly and quietly as possible.   In July, Senator Mike Lee  also tried to bring S.386 directly to the Senate floor without hearings and Senator Rand Paul blocked it and offered an Amendment.   The 34 Senate co-sponsors of this bill seem to have no interest in explaining that they are virtually ending Hispanic employment-based immigration." 

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