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FieldEngineer.com - A Field Services Marketplace to Soothe the Field Service Industry

NEW YORK, July 17, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- FieldEngineer.com - A Field Services Marketplace to Soothe the Field Service Industry

Field Engineer's global network of engineers and technicians embraces the gig economy marketplace to remove the obstacles currently facing recruiters and businesses in their quests to build the strongest possible teams.

New York City, USA. Tuesday 16th July: While businesses across the globe are struggling to replace retiring workforces, Field Engineer offers a modern-day approach to recruitment and staff assembly, breaking down a number of barriers to help companies of all sizes through the phase of transition.

Aging Workforces A Growing Concern In Tech-Related Industries

Right now, there is a palpable generation shift across a range of industries, particularly for those dealing with field services and telecoms sectors. As the older generation of engineers and contractors age and retire, replacing the lost personnel and overcoming the high staff turnover levels have become the biggest challenges currently facing SMBs across the globe. While business owners and HR departments look for a solution, Field Engineer's gig economy marketplace offers a fresh approach to filling those vacancies.

The big problem facing businesses revolves around the changing mindset of the millennial workforce. While the baby boomers were very much guilty of following the money, the younger generation are the first to place a huge emphasis on the work-life balance. Earning money is one thing, but employee happiness is another. For the majority of workers in tech-related roles, a sense of flexibility is deemed a priority.

Working as a contractor is, therefore, an increasingly popular solution as engineers can enjoy a range of different jobs without relying exclusively on one particular position. Moreover, short-term placements offer the opportunity to earn more money while building a schedule that suits their lifestyle. Businesses that wish to recruit the best contractors need to accept the changing landscape ? and Field Engineer is the perfect platform to do it.

Field Engineer connects business to a global network of contractors across various roles and specialties. This offers a fast and efficient way to replace the retiring workforce either temporarily or on a permanent basis. With an increasing number of businesses across the globe set to encounter this issue of baby boomer retirements over the coming years, the new service could be crucial for the new generation.

A New Approach to Recruitment That Also Overcomes Onboarding Issues

Many businesses in the field service arena find that the transitional elements of traditional recruitment are hugely problematic. In fact, the waste of time, money, and energy is often deemed a bigger challenge than the process of actually finding great candidates. After all, the millennial generation has grown up around the technology and often boasts far more technically-savvy individuals.

Conversely, though, research shows that many companies will need 3-6 months to complete the onboarding process. When coupled with the high rate of staff turnover due to the retirements of baby boomers, this can spell disaster for productivity. Field Engineer's modern approach ensures that qualified engineers can provide a winning service from the day that they enter the workplace.

Moreover, businesses can use the gig economy to find engineers and contractors who specialize in a certain task. Even if it means using different contractors on short-term contracts, this modern strategy can work wonders. Likewise, employers gain far greater flexibility as they can get rid of any inadequate new recruitments with ease. Conversely, thriving candidates can be offered permanent contracts to replace the retiring workforce in the very best manner.

Talent acquisition through this method is an incredibly attractive prospect for millennial contractors and modern businesses requiring improved telecoms alike. In a world where staff morale is more significant than ever, increased satisfaction through a new strategy can only generate positive results.

A Gig Economy That Embraces Streamlined Recruitment

Field Engineer and the gig economy doesn't only empower employers by overcoming the hurdles of attracting millennials and onboarding. In truth, the platform is designed to streamline the entire process by providing a one-stop platform that can support companies through every stage of the procedure. From the initial interaction to the ongoing support, FE can help a business save time, money, and sanity.

Employers have the option to post their vacancies with a detailed list of their requirements. Alternatively, it is possible to browse talent and make connections with the most suitable candidates to discuss the terms of employment in a far more private manner. Either way, acquiring the right talent is supported by the fact that engineers and contractors can provide key details of their past experiences, qualifications, and achievements with far greater success than looking at a resume alone.

Following the recruitment process, contractors and employers can store and communicate all key details of the agreement from the user-friendly dashboard. Whether it's synching schedules or handling invoices and expenses, the whole process can be handled in one place. This avoids all confusion, making it significantly easier for all parties involved. Meanwhile, the connection will be established for use in any future agreements that may be needed ? while users still have the option to transfer to a more traditional solution when replacing ex-workers on a permanent basis.

This is a modern approach that's very appealing to millennial contractors. When replacing retired telecoms and field engineers, it is an ideal solution for any modern business. The gig economy is strong in many industries, but hiring engineers is one where it works smoother than most.

About Field Engineer

FieldEngineer.com is a powerful platform for global talent and businesses. With over 50,000 skilled engineers across a range of roles, all of whom have been vetted for quality control and security purposes, finding replacements for outgoing workforces could not be simpler.

The platform has already helped thousands of companies with their telecoms acquisition needs, whether they be temporary or ongoing recruitments.

More information is available from Field Engineer's press contact Malik Zakaria, who can be contacted by telephone on 212.858.0640 or via email on mzakaria@fieldengineer.com. Alternatively, you can write to Field Engineer at 77 Water Street, Suite 7000, New York, NY 10005 USA.


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