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Eliminate stubborn body fat with Coolsculpting

With coolsculpting, those areas of stubborn body fat will get a lot less stubborn and will give up its fight to irritate and upset you any longer. The coolest thing about coolsculpting is that it's a non-invasive treatment. It's a fat freezing technology aimed to get rid of those pockets of fat that you hate so much and that just won't go away despite exercise and diets.

How coolsculpting works

Fat cells don't like the cold. Coolsculpting actually destroys those fat cells by using a device that freezes them under the skin. Once those cells are destroyed, they are broken down and the liver removes them from the body. This technique has been around for quite a few years and keeps gaining more and more popularity simply because it works. In average cases, fat cells can be reduced between 20% to 25%. Specific fat bulges are identified and targeted by the physician or technician. Then the fat is gently pulled into cooling panels and heat is removed from the cells. According to the professionals at Pure Luxe Salon, Spa, & Med Spa, registered nurses can utilize 2 machines simultaneously to reduce your overall treatment time as well, and this causes the fat cells to die over a period of a few weeks. The areas most commonly targeted with coolsculpting are: the abdomen, flanks, inner and outer thighs, upper arms, bra bulge, back fat, and even double chin.

The sessions

Coolsculpting is usually done in sessions. A typical session will last around 45 minutes and the patient feels no pain. In fact, while the machine is busy working destroying those fat cells, you can read, browse the net or even catch a few winks. That's just to show you how comfortable you will be. The machine itself has what can be described as handles, some small for smaller areas and some meant for larger areas of the body. These handles are hooked up to your problem areas and that's how the cooling begins. Multiple treatments are usually required for each specific area you want to reduce fat. You might be able to see results even after the first session, but full results can be seen a couple of weeks after the first treatment. Treatments might be scheduled at least a few days apart. After a treatment, you can immediately return to your normal day since there's no downtime involved.


The next best thing after getting amazing results is that there are hardly any side effects. machine used does not damage the skin. At most, your skin might get a bit red and a bit numb for a temporary period. No meds are needed, nor do you need anyone to go with you.

Who's a candidate?

When you visit a clinic that performs this procedure, you will be examined and they're the ones who can answer that question best. But as we said, coolsculpting is made more for problem areas which were mentioned, which would mean that the procedure would not be that effective on an obese person.


CoolSculpting is most effective with an experienced doctor or technician, adequate planning, realistic expectations and several sessions to maximize results. There's really no other way to lose stubborn fat while chilling! This non-invasive, non-surgical, and no recovery or down time needed method is so practical and easy to shape your body.

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