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What Went Wrong For France In The 6 Nations Rugby?

The Five Nations Championship —now known as The Six Nations Championship — was suspended in 1915 and was not resumed until 1920, though in Britain in 1919, a tournament was arranged between Forces teams; it was won by the New Zealand Army. The Queensland Rugby Union was disbanded after the war and was not reformed until 1929. NSW took responsibility for rugby union in Australia until the formation of the Australian Rugby Union, now known as Rugby Australia, in 1949.

The 6 nations championship, or the Guinness Six Nations, is an annual international rugby union where the teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales compete together. Last time France won the tournament was more than 9 seasons ago. Wales were the winning champions of this year tournament. This was no surprise to Wales whose team held the overall records that came to 39 victories.

We’ll be briefly explaining what led France to suffer a loss this season.

From Coach to Another

It seems that France is suffering from a case of unfortunate coaches. Their previous coach, Guy Novès, stood by as their record reached 7 matches won out of 21 matches. Guy’s replacement, Jacques Brunel, had no better luck if not worse, their score sank to 3 wins out of 12 matches. France managed to take out Italy, England, and Argentina in their short-lived spree. Brunel was backed up by his long-time mate who said that changing the coach again this year would only make the situation worse.

Not Being Used to the Heat

Almost all fans of rugby were able to watch every match on live tv, and it was hard for any one not to see how the French team struggled to maintain any dominance over their matches. It was suggested that the French players weren’t ready to handle the quick pace of international rugby since they were used to the slow-paced game at the Top 14. Louis Picamoles believes that it’s the negativity and fear of winning that may be bringing the team down. The team’s morale considerably suffered a strong blow when they had their first-ever defeat to Fiji’s team.

How can they Improve?

France has to wake up from the slumbering blow they suffered from Fiji and get back on their horse before dwelling too much on the past and then snowballing into more losses. Introducing younger players should be a priority; Demba Bamba has proven himself to be a young troublemaker in the fields and should be a masterpiece on the checkerboard. Hosting the World Cup in 2023 should be good news because it comes with increased morale and ambition toward the future, players and fans should make it their mission to leave a mark in this tournament.

In France’s young team, some hiccups should be dealt with by understanding the core basics of Rugby and mastering its flow before moving on onto individual technique. Laporte believes that there is hope in the new generation and that they should be more than ready when it’s time for France to host the World Cup.

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