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Galaxy One Entertainment Brings Much Needed Asian Culture and Diversity to the Hollywood Pop Music Scene

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif., Dec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- While music itself is universal, the faces that market its sound and create its popularity can be one-dimensional. Galaxy One Entertainment hosted a summer program that is truly the first of its kind. A group of hand-selected multi-talented youth rehearsed, recorded two songs and shot two music videos in just the span of seven days under intense preparation. What makes these songs and videos unique are the performers themselves, consisting of Chinese and Chinese-American youth, gathered from all over the world. Paired with a Grammy Award winning team of casting, producers, writers, directors, choreographers, and instructors, Galaxy One Entertainment has become an one-stop shop, taking the classic American pop music and combining it with elements of Chinese culture via instruments, folk dances and garments.

The first song released in Nov. 18th, 2018, "Colors", featured the program's junior talents:  Jessica (12) and Sunny (11) are top kid singers in China who often solo in CCTV; Jagger (10) is a seasoned actor who played roles in a lot of Chinese TV series. Angela (9) and Cathy (4) are runway models who attended Cannes Film Festival and Paris Fashion Week. With a cute name, "Color Comet" group brought a long, overdue return to the uplifting lyrics of pop music's past. The song has strong rhythm, a catchy melody, and a message worthy of consideration for the 2020 Olympics theme song. The music video incorporates a fantastical element with a hint of action, making it ideal for younger children.

The second song released in November 29th, 2018, "Gimmie Dat Break", featured the program's teen talent Edward, Brock, Sally, Yoyo, Cinderella, Nick and Samantha, which is reminiscent of the best of The Neptunes' up-tempo pop collaborations mixed with traditional Chinese music. This music video includes bright colors and cheerful dance moves, giving it a modern feel to our audiences. The "Teentastic" group member Edward is a 12-year old student from San Jose, CA who has strong passion for singing and song-writing. Clearly his rap lighted up the whole MV. The 3 girls, namely, Sally, Yoyo and Cinderella, are all dancers; their voices showed organic beauty. Brock and Nick are also from the same school dancing team. Nick has a beautiful band voice who soloed in CCTV shows. Brock dances like a teen idol, somewhat assemble Korean pop stars.

Galaxy One strives to bring the best out of all talents through vigorous training in order for them to perform to the best of their ability. Each person is dedicated and passionate about their craft, whether it be singing, dancing, or acting; and we also added tailored classes during their stay in America. The staff is productive and taught the talents various skills necessary to be in the Hollywood showbiz. They have accomplished many deeds and are waiting for the world to watch.

Here's the link of the 2 MVs:

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