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5 Useful Online Resources That Everyone Should Know

The internet brings a lot of benefit to our lives, from allowing us to communicate with our friends and family quickly and efficiently, to providing us with all of the knowledge we could ever need. One added benefit of the internet is that we can also access tons of resources that can help us to meet our goals, and for free! Here’s our list of the best five useful resources that everyone should know about.

1. Check your credit

Not only is the everything more convenient thanks to the internet, but, unfortunately, so are online crimes like identity theft. You need to be vigilant in protecting your identity and your assets so that you don’t become a victim of crime. Thankfully, websites like CreditKarma can allow you to easily check your credit whenever you want, totally for free. This won’t damage your credit, either.

2. Add a soundtrack to your videos

If you’re a budding videographer, then you’ve probably often wondered how to legally put music in your videos without breaking any copyright laws. In fact, without paying close attention to this, you might find yourself the subject of a DMCA takedown or even a lawsuit. That’s why you should take advantage of free background music. These databases of royalty-free music tracks mean that you can add beautiful music to your videos without breaking any laws. It’s not even a legal loophole, either – you can use this music as much as you want, totally for free.

3. Access beautiful photography

Reading blog posts and articles about topics that interest you is an experience that is heightened by the usage of photography that really gives you a feel for what you’re reading about. So how can you use this design tactic in your own work? Accessing stunning photography is pretty easy, actually, as there are many stock photo websites that will offer you great images at low or even no cost.

4. Use a website template

Setting up your own website can be challenging, particularly if you don’t have a development or design background. However, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on paying for a custom website design for your site. Instead, you can browse through catalogues of templates that work with many content management systems such as WordPress, which allow you to install a new theme at the click of a button. Give it a try, and bring your website to life.

5. Learn how to do anything

Gone are the days where we need to pay thousands of dollars and attend classes in person in order to learn a new topic or skill. As with many other things these days, we can now do all of this online. With a little bit of self-motivation, you can learn about almost any topic through online learning institutions. In fact, there are many free websites such as Khan Academy that can help you brush up on your skill or learn something new altogether.

Thanks to the internet, we have many new, innovative ways of performing tasks in our everyday lives. From increasing our knowledge to learning more about ourselves, there are many online resources that can help us to get things done. Use our list to bring something new to your life using online resources.

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