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NatureBox ?Reveals? ?Top? ?5? ?Most? ?Popular,? ?Healthy? ?Snacks? ?in? ?Offices? ?Across? ?the? ?Country?

REDWOOD ?CITY,? ?CA--(Marketwired - October 17, 2017) - It's? ?no? ?secret? ?that? ?free? ?food? ?in? ?the? ?office? ?makes? ?for? ?happier? ?workers. ?This? ?perk? shows ?employees? ?that? ?their? ?employer? ?has? ?invested? ?in? ?health? ?and? ?happiness? ?and? ?encourages? ?breaks? ?throughout? ?the? ?day?. Since ?introducing? ?their? ?Unlimited? ?B2B? ?option? ?a? ?year? ?ago,? ????NatureBox ?Inc?., ?one? ?of? ?America's? ?fastest? ?growing? ?food? ?brands,? ?has? seen ?an? ?increased? ?revenue? ?of? ?780%? ?year? ?over? ?year? ?for? ?the? ?program,? ?working? ?with? ?customers? ?like? ?like? ???Casper,?? Public Storage? and ?Puma. ??Today? ?they? ?announce? ?the? ?top? ?five? ?healthy? ?snacks? ?ordered? ?through? ?that? ?program:?

"Whether ?you're? ?looking? ?for? ?a? ?quick? ?snack? ?to? ?increase? ?your? ?e?nergy? ?or? ?a? ?little? ?indulgence? ?to? ?boost? ?your? ?mood? ?during? ?a? ?crazy? work ?day,? ?skip? ?the? ?candy? ?bowl? ?(and? ?the? ?sugar? ?crash)? ?and? ?choose? ?one? ?of? ?the? ?above? ?options? ?that? ?will? ?provide? ?you? ?with? sustained ?energy,"? ?said? ?Katie? ?Thomson,? ?MS? ?and? ?RD? ?for? ?NatureBox?. ?"These? ?are? ?great? ?choices? ?because? ?flavorful,? ?whole? ?foods? like ?nuts,? ?seeds,? ?whole? ?grains,? ?and? ?fruit? ?are? ?satisfying? ?and? ?provide? ?you? ?with? ?protein,? ?fiber,? ?and? ?healthy? ?fats? ?for? ?lasting? energy. ?However,? ?foods? ?this? ?yummy? ?can? ?be? ?easy? ?to? ?overindulge? ?in,? ?so? ?keep? ?snack? ?portions? ?to? ?100? -200 ?calories."

The ?Unlimited? ?Program? ?is? ?a? ?unique? ?offering? ?from? ?NatureBox? ?that? ?allows? ?customers? ?to? ?customize? ?orders? ?and? ?easily? ?scale? ?up? or ?down? ?according? ?to? ?fluctuating? ?budgets?.

"As ?a? ?busy? ?entrepreneur? ?working? ?in? ?the? ?office? ?environment,? ?I?? know? ?firsthand? ?how? ?difficult? ?it? ?can? ?be? ?to? ?access? ?healthy? ?food? during ?the? ?day,"? ?said? ?Gautam? ?Gupta,? ?co-founder ?and? ?CEO? ?of? ?NatureBox?. ?"I? ?founded? ?NatureBox? ?as? ?a? ?result? ?of? ?wanting? ?to? become ?healthier? ?myself? ?and? ?this? ?program? ?is? ?designed? ?to? ?help? ?office? ?workers? ?everywhere? ?do? ?the? ?same. ?We? ?love? ?hearing? ?all? the ?great? ?feedback? ?from? ?our? ?valued? ?customers."

"NatureBox's? ?corporate? ?program? ?helps? ?us? ?provide? ?healthy? ?and? ?delicious? ?snacks? ?for? ?our? ?team?. ?Our? ?dedicated? ?account? manager ?makes? ?it? ?easy? ?to? ?customize? ?and? ?switch? ?things? ?up,? ?so? ?our? ?offering? ?never? ?feels? ?boring,"? ?said? ?Olivia? ?Wong,? ?Head? ?of? Employee ?Experience? ?at? ?Casper?. ?"Bulk? ?sizing? ?means? ?less? ?waste,? ?which? ?makes? ?everyone? ?at? ?our? ?environmentally?-conscious office ?happy. ?Crowd? ?favorites? ?include? ?Dried? ?Mango? ?and? ?Dark? ?Chocolate? ?Berry? ?Trail? ?Mix?."

The ?unlimited? ?offerings? ?start? ?at? ?just? ?$12? ?per? ?person? ?per? ?month,? ?with? ?the? ?option? ?to? ?upgrade? ?to? ?unlimited? ?bulk? ?options,? ??????single serve ?products and? ?premium? ?coffee? ?products?. ?Other? ?perks? ?of? ?the? ?program? ?include:? ?no? ?contracts,? ?free? ?shipping,? ?a? ?dedicated? NatureBox ?Account? ?Manager? ?and? ?free? ?set?-up ?that? ?includes? ?jars,? ?tongs? ?and? ?compostable? ?serving? ?trays. ???Any ?companies? ?that? sign ?up? ?before? ?the? ?end? ?of? ?2017? ?get? ?their? ?first? ?month? ?of? ?Unlimited? ?at? ?a? ?20%? ?discount?.

All ?NatureBox? ?snacks? ?adhere? ?to? ?high? ?standards ?that? ?every? ?unlimited? ?customer enjoys:?

About ?NatureBox?

Launched ?in? ?2012? ?-? ?NatureBox? ?has? ?made? ?a? ?name? ?for? ?itself? ?in? ?the? ?food? ?industry? ?with? ?the? ?belief? ?that? ?snacks? ?can? ?(and? ?should!)? be ?crazy? ?delicious? ?and? ?also? ?better? ?for? ?you. ?Their? ?team? ?of? ?foodies? ?leverages? ?consumer? ?data? ?and? ?culinary? ?expertise? ?to? ?create? ?a? range ?of? ?unique? ?and? ?craveworthy? ?flavors. ?NatureBox's? ?multichannel? ?platform? ?also? ?makes? ?it? ?easier? ?to? ?enjoy? ?their? ?snacks,? from ?retail? ?stores? ?and? ?airline? ?partnerships? ?to? ?corporate? ?plans? ?and? ?e?-commerce. ?Online,? ?NatureBox? ?members? ?can? ?browse? over ?100? ?different? ?products? ?in? ?a? ?dozen? ?categories?. ?The? ?best? ?part? ?is,? ?all? ?NatureBox? ?products? ?are? ?made? ?from? ?high-quality ingredients ?consumers? ?can? ?trust??.? For ?more? ?information? ?on? ?NatureBox,? ?please? ?visit? ?NatureBox.com,?? ?Facebook?? ?(@NatureBox),?? ?Instagram?? ?(@NatureBox)??,?? and? Twitter ?(@NatureBox).?

Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2017/10/13/11G146533/Images/corporate-902-44f4a84d23a1aeccb808fc3fc05313c8.jpg
Image Available: http://www.marketwire.com/library/MwGo/2017/10/13/11G146533/Images/YouTube_Preroll-501-a09293a285509088905b5241d131efc8.jpg

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