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Go to Elegant Extremes with Wines from Alto Adige in the Italian Alps

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - October 12, 2017) - The tiny region of Alto Adige, nestled in Italy's northeast corner in the shadow of the towering Dolomites, produces elegant wines under extreme conditions. Purity and precision are signature characteristics of wines from this Alpine region where vineyards are planted at elevations ranging from 600 feet up to as high as 4,000 feet. Brisk mountain air combined with Mediterranean sunshine (300 sunny days per year) and wide day/night temperature swings produces grapes which fully ripen with bright acidity and true varietal character.

Diverse and complex, one of Italy's smallest wine-producing regions (around 1% of the country's total production), Alto Adige leads the country in DOC quality. The region's 13,100 vineyard acres, planted with over 20 different varieties, span a range of macroclimates. Heat-loving Lagrein thrives in the flatter Bolzano basin where summer daytime temperatures can reach 100°F, similar to Sicily. In the northernmost Isarco Valley -- actually a narrow strip between two mountain ranges where winter snow cover can last over a month -- racy whites such as Müller-Thurgau, Kerner, and Sylvaner predominate. From its spiritual home in the village of Tramin, the Gewürztraminer grape attains refined aromas and rich texture planted in south-facing vineyards on slopes with inclines up to 60%. Pinot Bianco vines can be found planted on even steeper slopes at inclines up to 75%, producing vibrant wines with long-aging potential.

Producers are experimenting with new sites for Pinot Nero, planted in a range of soil types at higher elevations, up to 3,000 feet. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Moscato Rosa which produces intensely perfumed, elegant dessert wines are grown on the shores of Lake Caldaro, the warmest Alpine lake.

The diversity of Alto Adige allows winemakers to go to extreme. Dare to venture off the traditional wine path and explore the wines from Alto Adige: no helmet or safety net needed! For more information visit www.altoadigewinesusa.com or join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/AAwines, and Instagram and Twitter at @AltoAdigeWines.


The Alto Adige Wine Board was formed in 1975 by a group of winemaking companies to promote and strengthen the image of the wines from Alto Adige. The promotional campaigns are implemented by IDM Südtirol/Alto Adige on behalf of the Consortium of Alto Adige Wines. The Alto Adige Wine Board is active in Italy, Germany, Austria, England, Benelux, Russia, Japan, Switzerland, and in the United States.

The objectives of the PRORUS campaign, co-financed by the Italian State and the European Union, are to increase overall US awareness of the DOC wines from Alto Adige, demonstrate their versatility with a wide range of foods, and showcase the diverse palette of wines that emanate from such a unique winegrowing region.

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